Steve Cox – “Facilan™ C8, when quality matters”

News // 6 March 2019


Steve Cox is a 3D technologies consultant who works extensively with both industry and education in the UK to showcase “The Future of Making”. He’s a passionate engineer who is enthusiastic about the latest 3D design techniques and 3D printing, and how they can effectively combine together. He specialises in the use of Autodesk Fusion 360, and also runs training in that software, as well as working extensively with it’s recently introduced Generative Design capabilities (picture of a Generative Design 3D printed in Facilan™ C8) .

Steve has used Facilan™ C8 in several projects and has been very impressed with the way that it prints, the strength and the quality of the finished models. An example of that is a high quality, digitally sculpted figurine which is enhanced by the smoothness of being 3D printed in Facilan™ C8 (picture below)

Steve enjoys pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and trialling new techniques. An example of that is a recent, large-scale, architectural model project he was involved with. The model was unique as all of the windows in the model were real glass that had been embedded into the 3D prints. The rear windows, balconies and stairwell (which was more than 400mm tall) were all printed using Facilan™ C8, and the excellent surface finish, stiffness and neutral colour of the material made it the perfect choice for this very large architectural print.

Get to know more about what Steve does via his social media channels Twitter and LinkedIn.






Daniel Norée – “Facilan™ C8, a material that does a lot”

News // 11 February 2019

Daniel Norée is a Swedish blogger, speaker, designer and creator, with a passion for 3D printing. Fascinated by modern production tools, he quickly embraced the philosophy of digital design and manufacturing as well as pushing the boundaries for 3D printing, with his “OpenR/C Project”. Daniel is also the designer behind one of the most printed designs, the "3D Benchy". 

Daniel started testing our Facilan™ C8 and has printed several smaller projects.

“Facilan™ C8 is great for anyone looking for a material that does a lot. It has great aesthetics, it is easy to print, has smooth surface and can introduce impressive impact resistance and strength to a printed part,” Daniel says.  And Daniel has more projects to come with Facilan™, we are looking forward!

Get to know much more about Daniel’s creations, on his website and social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter


3D printed lamps with Facilan™ HT

News // 8 January 2019

Schoone Lights is a Dutch corporation between 3D-printer and designer Kees Kamper and photographer and designer Gerard Schoone. Together they design and produce unique 3D printed lamps with Facilan™ HT, adjusted for the need of the costumer.

With years of 3D printing experience, Kees started to experiment with the settings on his 3D printer. The result was “infill only” – a semitransparent textile like print. Kees continued to experiment with the new print and eventually discovered that his new print was a true game changer. Shortly hereafter, Kees got into contact with photographer and designer Gerard Schoone. Together they created Schoone Lights, using “infill only” to print custom-made lamps.

Gerard has decades of experience with design and especially design of lamps. His lamp designs are created as building blocks, hence sculpturing lights for every need. The collaboration with Kees and his “infill only” 3D print delivered new opportunities. Printing the lampshades offers clear advantages such as easy to design and produce different forms, without using expensive molds, also it is possible to print with logos.

When Facilan™ HT by ElogioAM was launched, Kees tested the capabilities of the filament for future 3D printing. Facilan™ HT is a safe copolyester with high temperature resistance and its high stiffness enables design optimization for faster rigid part print jobs. Fast it became clear to Kees and Gerard that Facilan™ HT has a unique finish, shine and quality – the obvious choice for printing lampshades, also used by Schoone Lights today.

Visit Schoone Lights’ website, blog or follow Kees Kamper on Instagram to learn more!

3D printed lamps with Facilan™ HT by Schoone Lights.
3D printed lamp with Facilan™ HT by Schoone Lights.



Facilan™ C8 and Facilan™ HT available in Ultimaker Cura Marketplace

News // 19 December 2018

ElogioAM is proud to be part of the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program. This collaboration will enable an easier user experience and will further develop professional and industrial desktop 3D printing.

Our materials have been specifically developed to be fit for purpose – with real-life applications in mind. Their addition to Ultimaker Cura’s Marketplace is a natural match. With their print settings optimized to work with Ultimaker’s software and 3D printers, customers can enjoy greater satisfaction and ease of use.

Download preconfigured material profiles for Facilan™ C8, our workhorse 3D filament for smooth, strong 3D printed parts, and Facilan™ HT for durable heat resistant applications – now available in Ultimaker Cura 3.6.

Enjoy a seamless experience and a high print success rate, using Facilan™ and the Ultimaker Cura Marketplace.

FacilanTM HT print with Ultimaker S5

FacilanTM C8 fine details and smooth surface




Vera de Pont – connecting 3D printing with fashion

News // 18 December 2018

Vera de Pont is a one-man company researching on-demand production techniques for textile and/or garments, to prevent waste material already in the very beginning of the production line as well as ensuring a direct need for the product.

Vera de Pont has a Bachelor in Design and a Masters in Sustainable fashion. Further, she has studied Biomedical Science for 2 years due to an interest in the human body as well as the connection and overlap to her current work. Most of her work is research oriented, e.g. exploring materials. Recently, Vera started experimenting with “FDM” 3D printing and fell in love with the huge potential of the technique. 

One of the biggest reasons why it sparked my interest is the fact that 3D printing isn’t a subtractive technique but an additive manufacturing technique. This suggests that 3D printing could pose a possible “solution” for the overproduction of materials we have, especially in the garment industry”, says Vera. 

3D printing has become a long-term research project at Vera’s studio, constantly exploring new options for materials.

I came across one of your filaments, Facilan TM PCL 100, and was intrigued by the combination of characteristics of this filament; it’s incredibly strong yet has a flexibility to it. When I found out that the printing temperature of this filament is a lot lower than Ninjaflex or Filaflex, I couldn't wait to try it”, says Vera.

FacilanTM used for shoe insoles by Vera de Pont (picture courtesy Vera de Pont)

For shoe components, like other flexible application, Facilan™ Ortho is the recommended product



Our “3D” impressions from Formnext 2018

News // 21 November 2018

The Formnext exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany has become the unavoidable global event for the additive manufacturing industry. During 4 days in mid-November, nearly 27.000 visitors (49% international) and more than 600 exhibitors get together, making it the place to meet and to discover the latest innovations around 3D printing technologies. At the exhibition, you find everything from printers, materials and software to postprocessing for metal, ceramics and plastics. Naturally, ElogioAM was present at the event, sharing great news and discussions with existing and new potential customers.

Our newly released Facilan™ HT was showcased on Mass Portal´s booth, together with printed articles produced from our Facilan™ Ortho and Facilan™ C8. Articles such as braces, prototypes and dispensers, printed on Mass Portal’s printers, demonstrated the high quality achieved by combining such printers with the Facilan™ range – for producing fit for purpose, functional and durable parts to advance 3D printing in medical and industrial applications.

Large size printers is among recent key trends – a trend that has been confirmed during the recent year. To demonstrate Facilan™ C8 versatility to achieve outstanding surface finish and strong parts, even on large printers, Facilan™ C8 parts, printed with Builder3d large size printers, were showcased at Formnext.

Finally, during the exhibition, Ultimaker announced the release of its latest Cura 3.6 software, including the extended market place for materials, which ElogioAM is part of. Facilan™ C8 setting profile, optimized on the latest Ultimaker S5, is now available in Cura 3.6, making it a simpler and easier user experience.

We would like to thank our partners and customers for all the valuable time and fruitful discussions, during the exhibition, as well as the challenging enquiries to feed our innovation pipeline to deliver fit for purpose, reliable and safe material solutions for 3D printing.

Let´s keep in touch!

Formnext 2018



ElogioAM B.V. releases Facilan™ HT, 3D printing filament enabling production of durable parts with FDM additive manufacturing

Press Release // 8 November 2018

FDM Additive Manufacturing requires more durable and high strength materials to take full benefits of 3D printing. PLA, PET are of limited use for durable application due to their relatively low temperature resistance while ABS suffers of warping and relatively low strength. Facilan™ HT is designed to address those common product limitations and specifically designed for 3D printing. It is a safe copolyester with high temperature resistance with heat deflection temperature of 89°C. Its high stiffness enables design optimization for faster rigid part print jobs.

Like all Facilan™ products, it is designed to easily be printed on most conventional FDM printers available with minimum warping. It is fully amorphous and enables the production of translucent parts in the z direction. Facilan™HT has been extensively tested during its development and the feedback has been very positive.

Excellent technical support from the Elogio team, Facilan™ HT is as easy to print as PLA, with a good level of translucidity, perfect for our prototyping needs”, says Matthew Forrester, 3D printing Tech leader L`Oréal, France.

“Facilan™ HT is excellent, it is printing with no warping and good stability.“ Nomura Toshihito, J-Techno Inc. Digital Manufacturing Systems, Japan.

I tested Facilan™ HT on the DDDrop and the Ultimaker, very easy to print with and nice glossy shine.” Dick Potharst, Multi-3dPrint, the Netherlands.

We are proud to work together with ElogioAM and showcase the Facilan™ HT at our booth. The material has great potential for applications where exceptional stability and simple printing process is a requirement.” Imants Treidis, CEO, Mass Portal, Latvia.

Facilan™ HT will be showcased during Formnext, Frankfurt Germany, 13-18th November 2018 on 3D printer manufacturer Mass Portal Booth stand 3.1 H89.

3D printed coffee cup model from Facilan™ HT.