Additive Manufacturing Material PC Polycarbonate

Additive Manufacturing Material: PC Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is an (often) clear high impact, high strength material with good UV and thermal resistance. This is a relatively new material to desktop material extrusion 3D printers but has been used widely as a support, build material and blend material by Stratasys for its FDM systems. Used as a much higher and slightly higher heat deflection alternative to PLA and ABS polycarbonate is a material that is not popular.

The lighting industry is driving adoption of this material since it is a de facto standard for them. Other industries and new users are looking at the material as well. Often PC is considered for 3D printing when being compared with rPET, PET and PETG. For these kinds of dishwasher-safe strong parts, PETG is the most popular choice.