About Us

ElogioAM, innovative Additive Manufacturing materials. Reliable, high performance, Fit for Purpose.

  • ElogioAM aims to be the innovation and quality leader in creating Additive Manufacturing materials.
  • We seek to manufacture and develop the highest performance Additive Manufacturing (also called 3D printing) materials worldwide.
  • We have unrivaled polymer and Additive Manufacturing expertise and will leverage this to make materials that are fit for purpose.
  • By creating materials optimized for specific applications our materials will outperform bulk, commodity and specialty materials.
  • ElogioAM is alone in being able to completely create the monomer, polymer, additives and then deploy these solely to increase the performance of the final 3D printed part.
  • Only ElogioAM develops materials specifically to explicitly outperform in the 3D printed part for the unique application of that part.
  • Elogio AM is currently developing unique end-use additive manufacturing materials for orthotics, bioprinting, spare parts, and wearables.

Elogio AM BV is a company under Dutch Law.

Out VAT number is: NL 858972803B01 

Our Chamber of Commerce Number (KvK): 72069813

Our Production Location, visiting address and postal address are:

Waarderweg 56

2031BP Haarlem

The Netherlands

Our phone number is: +31 (0) 23 207 00 70

Email info@elogioam.com to reach us.

Elogio AM materials are made with care in the Netherlands.

Elogio AM is a joint venture between Perstorp and 3D4Makers.  

Perstorp is an innovative specialty chemistry company that has been creating 3D printing materials for over 30 years. In fact, some of the very first 3D prints ever made were printed with Perstorp materials and the company has continued to be a leader in the 3D printing materials space ever since. The Perstorp Group has been in business for over 136 years, has 1500 employees and revenues of over $1.8 billion. Perstorp is a global leader in several specialty chemistry sectors and is proud of a hard-won reputation for quality, reliability, sustainability, and trustworthiness. Instrumental in creating an industrialized world, Perstorp now focuses on developing the next one.

3D4Makers is a Haarlem, Netherlands based startup with unrivaled 3D printing and polymer expertise. The small team at 3D4Makers has over the past four years created a one of a kind extrusion technology that lets them make 3D printing filament that makes for 3D printed parts that are stronger and smoother than that of rivals. 3D4 Makers was the first company to truly develop filaments specifically for manufacturing using desktop 3D printers. A pioneer in developing material extrusion materials for bioprinting, oil, and gas, aerospace and machinery industries. Commercial aviation companies, space flight companies, some of the leading industrial groups worldwide and leading universities are 3D4Makers clients.